Cleopatra Choker

Cleopatra Choker

Cleopatra Choker

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Description of the jewel

Treat yourself to the Majestic Chocker Cleopatra! You will be worthy of a Queen

Are you proud to be an African Queen?

You're going to shine and turn more than one head with the chocker Cleopatra.

✅ 1 Chocker Cleopatra

✅ 2 Design: Standard and Luxury and 1 size fits all

✅ Materials: Stainless steel - metal alloy Nickel free

✅ Characteristic : Light (+:- 200g) , Comfortable Majestic

✅Taille Unique: Standard and Luxury: Adjustable with a Luxury adjustable chain

✅Perimeter: 28+11cm , Ruler: 8cm:

 Wjat you 'll receive  : 

What you 'll receive :

Standard Design


Premium Design :


💘Costume jewelry made of metal that does not change color it exists!!!

So you're probably wondering how to have a costume metal jewelry that does not change color.

It's simple: We choose the right metal and we adopt the right gestures.

Stainless steel does not rust

It is robust and suitable for sensitive skin

It is more resistant to water and perspiration than other metals.

We give you, our professional tips to keep your jewelry as long as possible!!  

FAQ : 

 Ce choker convient-il à toutes les morphologies?

 La fermeture en chainette de ce choker (8cm) ainsi que son périmètre de base de 39cm  vous permettra de lajuster parfaitement à votre tour de cou.

Ce choker s’adapte à la corpulence de chacune et épouse somptueusement la forme de votre port de cou. Convient au “petit” “moyen” et “gros” cou.

 Le collier s'oxyde t'il ? 

Ce magnifique choker est faite en acier inoxydable pour un rendu tendance et léger. Il est robuste, anti-allergénique et  nous avons choisi l'acier inoxydable pour nous permettre de vous le proposer à un prix raisonnable. Ce bijou est 100% sans nickel.
Le premier avantage avec les bijoux en acier inoxydable, c'est lqualité inaltérable, inusable, immuable de son alliage. Grâce à sa composition, dotée de plus de 10.5% de chrome, ce type d'acier est inoxydable. En effet, il ne rouille pas. Ce sont des bijoux qui durent dans le temps. 

Est-il lourd à porter ?

Sa légèreté et son confort vous surprendront! Très léger et confortable à porter.  

❓ Is this choker suitable for all morphologies?

The chain closure of this choker (8cm) as well as its 39cm base perimeter will allow you to adjust it perfectly to your neck size.

This choker adapts to your body size and sumptuously hugs the shape of your neck port. Suitable for "small" "medium" and "big" necks.

❓ Does the collar oxidize?

This beautiful choker is made of stainless steel for a trendy and light look. It is sturdy, anti-allergenic and we have chosen stainless steel to allow us to offer it to you at a reasonable price. This jewel is 100% nickel free.
The first advantage with stainless steel jewelry is the unalterable, wear-resistant, immutable quality of its alloy. Thanks to its composition, with more than 10.5% chromium, this type of steel is stainless. Indeed, it does not rust. These are jewels that last over time.

❓Est is it heavy to carry?

Its lightness and comfort will surprise you! Very light and comfortable to wear.


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