Questions about delivery

 ❓ I have just placed an order and I want to track my order? 

You can follow up your order entering your  order number (sent during the order confirmation) and the email address that was used for the transaction.

You can track your delivery here: 

The delivery is taking a little longer at the moment due to the Coronavirus ... But the situation should improve in the coming days with the deconfinement.

In the event that you no longer find your order number, you can contact us at with the subject line: Order number


❓ I placed an order and I did not get a tracking number is this normal?

We use a private carrier for the delivery of our packages. Our website is linked to our carrier website that is why you can track your order directly from this page: with your order number and the email address that was used for the transaction.


❓It has been more than 3 weeks since I placed my order, is it normal that I still haven't received anything? 

In these Covid-19 period, the order delivery time is quite random. We have customers who received their order in 5 days and others in 3 weeks / 1 month.

If you are in the second case, we are sorry for the inconvenience, we think that your parcel should not take much longer to arrive.

You can contact us if you've been waiting for a month so that we can find a solution. Contact us on with the subject: Late delivery - 1 month


❓ The delivery is taking too long, I want to be reimbursed, what should I do?

If the delivery is late, we are sorry. Unfortunately, we have no control or 100% visibility of what happens after your package leaves the warehouse of our carrier. Beyond a month delay, if the notifications from our carrier indicate that your package is lost then we will reimburse you.

If delivery is still in progress and it tells us that your package is being delivered then we must wait for receipt of the package so that you can return it to us (at your expense). Once the proof of return has been provided, we will refund your purchase (price of the jewel only).


❓ I ordered different items, I only received part of my order, is this normal?

Depending on the size of the jewellery and other items, we do not store our jewellery in the same place, and it is not always the same carriers who are in charge of the delivery of your package. It often happens that for a single order, you receive several packages. If a package has arrived, the other jewellery should not take much longer to arrive.


❓ I need express delivery for an event or wedding how to do it? 

If you want express delivery for an event or wedding then you can contact us by email at with the subject: Express delivery


❓ I love your jewellery, but the last delivery took far too long, too bad ...

We are aware that our delivery methods can be a bit long. But in order to provide you with very affordable jewellery, we currently have no other solution.

We are currently working with Amazon to provide you with faster delivery service. Coming Soon


Question about the origin and manufacturing of jewellery


❓ Is your jewellery handmade?

Ikhaya Mossy started in 2016 with the creation of 100% handmade jewellery. Today we are building relationships with different partners to offer Made OF Africa jewellery (jewellery that reminds us of the continent) at the best value. All of our jewellery is no longer handmade.


❓ Is your jewellery Made In Africa?

All of  Our jewels is not Made In Africa, however they are all Made Of Africa. All our jewellery is inspired by Africa


❓ Is there nickel in your jewellery?

We make sure with our partners to have 100% Nickel-Free and Anti-allergic jewellery. Our jewellery conforms to European, French and US standards.


❓Your jewellery is made of stainless material, is it possible to have a certificate?

We do not provide any certificates to our clients; We sell costume jewellery, not precious metals. On the other hand, each year we provide the competent administrations with certificates in order to be able to sell in France, in other European countries and in the USA;


Data collection question


Is my bank data collected when I place an order?

We collect absolutely no data when you place an order; We go through our partner Stripe (number 1 in Europe) when you place your order; Your data is 100% secure.

❓ I receive emails from you, even though I have never subscribed to your Newsletter. Is this normal? 

When you placed your order, you did not uncheck the subscribe to the newsletter box. If you want to unsubscribe it's very simple, go to one of our emails and click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email


Questions about Returns and Exchanges


❓ I just received my order, it arrived damaged, I want an exchange, how to do it?


If you have just received your order and it is damaged; We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can write us at with the subject line: damaged order. Don't forget to attached the photos of the damaged jewellery .. We will find a solution together.



❓ I just received my order, I didn't like the jewellery and want to be reimbursed

We’re sorry to hear you don’t like the jewellery. Write to us at with the subject line: Unsatisfactory order